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Bunkering is when a company supplies fuel for ships to use either by supplying the ship or loading the fuel in a storage bunker for transport. The term marine bunkering comes from steam-powered ships that stored their coal in a bunker. Now maritime ship operators have to make sure that the ship is properly functioning, properly crewed and fully bunkered for the journey. Bunker traders are the ones who deal with selling the fuel. They find customers, negotiate and close the deals. They should also have connections at various ports for bunker trade as well.




Oceania Bunkering ltd. has become a world leader in the energy and commodity industry since being founded in 2004. They have a hand in all aspects of the energy industry now but started with a focus solely on oil trading.

Oceania Bunkering is the branch that handles the quality and services of the marine bunkering industry.


The bunker trader has hubs in Switzerland, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Canary Islands, Singapore, New Zealand, Greece and New York. These hubs are where the bunker trades are handled. A new terminal that they use is in at the Port of Fujairah where they have the ability to store Class I to Class III fuel. With years of experience in ship fuel logistics, they have a vast knowledge of the marine bunkering industry.



Water Treatment systems

Water treatment systems are important for most industrial business. Especially when working with agriculture or the food industry, treating water is important. We deliver systems, that can solve any water treatment issue that you may face.



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