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Marine fuel oil

ExxonMobil has been a marine fuel supplier for decades. The three values that define their service and products are integrity, quality and reliability. They have always supported regulatory compliance in the ever-changing landscape of marine fuel oil. Between the offshore marine fueling and port marine fueling, ExxonMobil has a variety of marine fuel available. Their new marine fuel line complies with the 0.50% sulfur cap regulation from the International Maritime Organization. Their vast supply chain and technological advances allow them to offer quick and reliable services. 

ExxonMobil handles offshore marine fuelling, but they focus on being a marine fuel supplier at licensed ports. The new marine fuel oil from them is premium HDME 50 fuel which meets the Emission Control Area regulations. This fuel also helps ships comply with the sulfur cap and has a higher flash point than gas oil. The new oil also has a better ignition quality and lubricity. For ships to switch to low-sulfur marine fuel oil, ExxonMobil has a new fuel for that too. The Mobilgard 525 is a quality oil that works with marine operations on .10 per sulfur. Another way to reduce the sulfur emissions is to clean the sulfur residue out of the bunker tanks. A dirty tank could push the emissions past the cap.



Low sulfur oil

Ship to ship bunkering, where a taker docks next to a cargo tanker and downloads low sulfur fuel oil just got a little more complicated this year.

Ship to ship bunkering can no longer take place unless low sulfur fuel oil is used according to the rules established by IMO 220, which began implementation in January of this year.
Marine fuel supplier companies must only download low sulfur marine oil which meets the requirements of having .50 or less of sulfur content. Failure to follow those regulations can result in both heavy fines and confiscation of ships.
Every Marine Fuel supplier has had plenty of time to get prepared for the new regulations, and the bunkering suppliers are ready but are the shippers ready.
Low Sulfur Fuel Oil, Marine Gase Oil, and onboard scrubbers seem to be the Immediate IM2020 solutions.
For the short term at least, Marine Gas Oil seems to be the big winner post-January of this year. Marine Gas Oil is cleaner, it can enhance engine component life by around 50 percent, it produces more calories for the equivalent tonnage and it does not need pre-heating. The big advantage though is that Marine Gas oil is not only present and cheap, ad there is very low risk of filter blocking using MGO.


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